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How we do it

Extend your cabinet’s life

Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets and Save Yourself the Stress! By painting or staining your cabinets instead of replacing them, we provide a stunning look for much less time and money. It all begins with us helping you pick out the color that would go along with your kitchen walls and countertops. Once the color is picked out, we’ll set up a start date and we will take care to transform your cabinets with top of the line paints in any finish of your choice. Cabinet doors are carefully loaded into our trucks where they are sent off to our shop.

Our Work

What makes your kitchen stand out

Step by step process:

-We begin by covering floors and removing cabinets doors
-Cabinets are wiped down with grease removers to ensure primers adhere without any failure
-Sanding: Depending on the texture of the cabinets 220 or 180 grit sandpaper is used.
-Next, the surface gets cleaned with our hepa vacuums, and wiped down with tack clothes to ensure every last bit of dust is removed.
-First coat of primer is applied and from there we use wood fillers, bando, and caulk to repair the cabinets.
-Next step a second coat of primer, once dry, re-sand, and from there two topcoats of paint are applied
Same procedure is applied to the cabinet doors at our shop. With this process your cabinets are left with a rich and excellent finish ready to withstand everyday daily use!


Let Us Work To Improve Your Space.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have related to your specific project. Just give us a call or leave us your information in our form and somebody from our team will get you taken care of..